• optimize mechanical structure and  processing axis.
  • Improve the processing efficiency of productivity
  • The new loader with a load capacity of10kg(Max.20kg)
  • High rigidity and compact body


 Item Unit X-S700
A type B type
 Power  Capacity  Max Turning  Diameter mm Φ225
 Max Turning  Length mm 700*1 625
 Max. Bar  Diameter mm (Φ51) (Φ65)
 Chuck Size Inch 8 8(10)
 Spindle  Spindle Nose JIS A2-6 A2-8
 Bearing I.D mm Φ100 Φ120
 Through-Hole  Diameter mm Φ52 Φ66
 Speed min-1 Max.3,500 Max.3,500(3,000)
 Tool Post  Type   10角刀塔×2
 Tool Shank mm □25
 Boring Holder  I.D mm Φ40
 Max. Stroke mm X:115  Z:650
 Rapid Traverse  Rate m/min X:16  Z:30
 Motor  Spindle Motor kW AC15/11 AC15/11(18.5/15)*2
 Feed Motor kW X:AC1.4 Z:AC1.8
 Coolant Motor kW AC0.39×2、AC0.62×1
 Hydraulic  Motor kW AC0.75×2
 Trailstock  Motor kW AC1.4
 Size  L×W×H mm 1.960×1.750×1.830
 Total Weight kg 5,400 5,500
 Total Power Capacity KVA 35 35(42)